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Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequent questions in our profession:

Beldimed works with any customer having an import license issued by the Health authorities of its country. Among our customers are pharmacists, hospitals, wholesalers or distributors, governmental organisations and other international organisations.
We also receive requests from consultants or intermediaries not having an import license. In the event of agreement with them, the sale must be done with a customer having an adequate license.
No. Applicants must have a wholesale license or an import license issued by the Health authorities of their country.
Beldiumed supplies everywhere in the world, outside of Belgium, to pharmacists, hospitals, wholesalers or distributers, governmental organisations and other international organisations.
We also supply to Belgian wholesalers provided that they have the export license and the products are intended for customers located outside Belgium.
No. It is one of the advantages of Beldimed: No minimal quantity is required for your orders. On request, we even store products for our regular customers and deliver them as per their needs.
Yes. we regularly send vital products to distant customers. The requests are handled as priority by our team and deliveries are done by priority mail. For products in stock, we can ship the very same day!
Almost all. One of our strong points is to find products difficult to obtain, and this through our multiple partnerships with manufacturers and wholesalers who guarantee an optimal availability of the required products. Some products are, however, almost impossible to find.
Price differences of the medicines between the various European countries are explained by: Devaluation of certain national currencies before the introduction of the Euro which have affected the old products, price policies decided for pharmaceutical companies, price reductions imposed by governments related to cost cutting of the health care system
Our prices are ex-works from Andrimont (Belgium).
Regarding payment term of our invoices, we generally ask new customers to pay in advance. To our long-time customers with a reliable payment history, we grant payment terms (duration to be negotiated).
We pay particular attention to the quality and the reliability of the shipments towards our customers. We exclusively work with reputed carriers who guarantee high-quality service and compliance with regulations, in particular, with regard to cold chain or the shipment of psychotropic and narcotic medicines.
Generally transport is provided by reputed mail services (Fedex, TNT, DHL, UPS) as per the customer’s choice. The experience of these providers and their global coverage ensures optimal shipments. Tracking systems allow to track the packages in real time. For shorter distances, we can arrange road transport. Some of our customers send their own carrier to collect products.