Expert in Healthcare Solutions

A wide range of products that meet the most stringent requirements

Through its international network of suppliers throughout Europe and beyond, as well as with direct access to leading manufacturers, Beldimed specialises in research, collection and delivery of health care products in the following 4 sectors.



Medicines for human use [+]

Beldimed specialises in the export of specialty and generic pharmaceutical products, products which are difficult to obtain or temporarily out of stock on the local market of the customer, medicines which can be delivered only with medical prescription, orphan drugs or comparator drugs for clinical trials.

One of our strengths is to supply innovator products which are not yet registered or available in the local markets. By finding these unlicensed medicines, we help patients around the world to get access to advance medical treatment through named patient or compassionate use programs. We hereby contribute to satisfy unmet medical needs.

We also have a specialized division for narcotic drugs. Our team has experience in handling import and export formalities for this very regulated activity.


Medicines for veterinary use [+]

We sell mainly to wholesalers or specialised veterinary clinics. The product range extends from small to large animals (examples: medicines for horses and cattle, dogs and cats, poultry).


Medical Devices [+]

We can provide the vast majority of products and medical devices used in hospital and by other health care professionals, including medical and surgical instruments, medical tests and diagnostics, hospital consumables and supplies, care and bandages or medical furniture and small equipment.


Food supplements [+]

Through our international network of suppliers in Europe and beyond and direct access to some manufacturers, we offer a wide range of nutritional and dietary products, food supplements (vitamins) and trace elements.