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Medical Devices

Through our international network of suppliers and direct access to leading manufacturers in various European countries, we find a great majority of products and medical devices used in hospitals or by other health professionals, including, in particular:


Medical and surgical Instruments

Scalpels, suture material, plastic pans and trays, round sterilising drums, boxes, stainless steel accessories, scissors, towel forceps, bandage scissors, dermatology instruments and kits, gynaecology instruments and kits, ENT instruments and kits, dental instruments, etc.

Equipment (medical furniture)

Hospital beds, mattress, covers, pillows, stretcher, operating table, operating room cabinets, instrument table, gynaecological chairs and stools, ENT chairs and cabinets, examination tables, screens, paediatric beds, stools, illuminators, optometric tables, intravenous stands, trolleys, etc.

Tests & Diagnostics

Dermatoscope, tonometer, biological microscopes, oto-ophthalmoscopes, diagnostic kits, accessories and specula, reflex hammers, tuning forks, stethoscopes and spare parts, sphygmomanometers, arm-bands and spare parts, blood pressure monitors, etc.


Oximeters, defibrillators, cervical collars, splints, stretchers and back boards, respirators, oxygen bottles, insufflators, masks and accessories, skin-care products for burns, emergency and resuscitation kits, cases, adhesive plasters, etc.

Consumable and hospital supplies

Syringes, needles, catheters...

And also

Material and supplies for laboratories, disinfectants and hygiene products, care and bandages and small equipment.