Expert in Healthcare Solutions

Medication for human use

Beldimed provides all types of pharmaceutical products. It specialises in medication:

  • Sourced in Europe, North America and Japan
  • Difficult to obtain on some markets
  • Not registered yet on the local market of the recipient
  • Used in clinical trials
  • Out of stock on the local market of the recipient
  • Deliverable only on medical prescription
  • and orphan drugs



Through our extensive network of suppliers in the majority of the European countries and in the world as well as our partnerships with some manufacturers, we offer the desired products at the best price.



We have close contacts with various manufacturers of quality generic medications in several European countries and elsewhere.



We find specialties essential for the treatment of severe diseases in hospitals. Customers from around the world come to us for vital products for their patients which they cannot obtain in their country (not registered, out of stock or hard to find in the local market). Because of the vital nature of these products, our team handles these requests with the highest priority.



We have a license delivered by the Belgian health authorities (AFMPS) to import, store and export psychotropic and narcotic products. 
Internal procedures are set up to provide secure storage and delivery of these controlled drugs. Our team has extensive experience on handling import and export formalities.



We can supply a wide range of OTC products at competitive prices in large quantities.